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The anuview Flow home page provides access to the server Overview report.

From here you have direct access to some for anuview Flows core functionality.

At the top left of the screen you have the Search Dialog Flowsearch.png.

Using this you can search anuview Flow for the latest IP address, MAC address and users seen on the system as explained Here

In the top right hand side of the screen you have access to the main menu options Flowmenu.png as explained Here

Under the main menu, you have the Summary Report time selector Flowtimeselector.png.

This can be used to change from the default (current 2 hour) date and time period for the report shown, to any period desired.

Click on the From or To input boxes to bring up the date and time selector

Below the data/time selector, you have the 3 default reports Summary Devices, Summary Events, Summary Interfaces.

Flow report summarydevices.png
Flow report summaryevents.png
Flow report summaryinterfaces.png