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anuview system looks to define applications out of the box and delivers a standard set of application port and protocol definitions. This facility means that when a flow record is received the system inserts an application name if there is a match into the row of the flow record in the database.

Most applications today use web based ports 80 and or 443 for HTTP and HTTPs so to enhance the definitions of applications this section of anuview enhances this ability.

Before using this section a flow object or objects need to be defined. These are groupings of fields that can be used to define an application.

An example of a flow object in use could be a simple web service and port. The flow object could define the IP of the server and the web port/s and then save it with an object name. Once the flow object is defined the New defined Application can be called into and associated with an application name.

As flow records arrive in the system following this definition the application id field is populated with the name chosen on a match with the flow object and inserted into the database.

The form provided allows the naming and description to be applied to the new Application definition along with associating flow objects to that definition.