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anuview system looks to define applications out of the box and delivers a standard set of application port and protocol definitions. This facility means that when a flow record is received the system inserts an application name if there is a match into the row of the flow record in the database. anuview system also has the facility to define a white list of flow records against a set of define IP addresses.

For these two elements Application definition and Flow Profiling a flow object or objects need to be defined.

A flow object is defined to the needs of each of these functions. For profiling there are two types of flow objects defined. One is for Entries which is a flow object to define exactly which IPs are to be associated with the acceptable profile. The second set of flow objects relate to the flows that make up the acceptable profile itself.

The flow objects are very flexible in their definitions and there are a series of AND/OR plus masks for IP addresses

The flow object could define the IP of the server and the web port/s and then save it with an object name. Once the flow object is defined the New defined Application can be called into and associated with an application name.