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General Forensic reporting settings

Allows for the definition of the number of rows to be displayed when report is selected.

Forensic Reporting can be defined to report to the minute or down even to the second.

When a Forensic report is opened with no time pre-selected it will open with the last 30 mins (as default) This can be to be up to 6 hours.

In the Flow record there is the ability for he sender to send the TOS field as seen on the packet. This can then be read either as COS or DSCP.

Forensic reporting is challenging based on the fact that there is a limited amount of fields that can be presented in a standard graph. anuview provides almost 30 fields to report on today.

anuview provides over 40 out of the box reports. To deal with all combinations and needs the ability to custom build reports and tables is provided. To make it as easy as possible there is the facility to clone one of the 40 reports nearest to the required report. Once named and cloned the report parameters can be defined in great detail.