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anuview provides a very powerful and extensive set of reporting. One of the most difficult aspects of reporting in the area of flow is the number of fields to select from. This is made all the more difficult with the number of extra fields outside the standard flow fields providing 29 fields or columns. The ability to provide of the reporting combinations would be huge. The answer is to provide out of the box a series and combination of report columns and the facility to define your own.

The report setting form provides the ability to set the reporting elements or rows to present (the default is 10) Other aspects is the ability to define the forensic reporting time slice (the default is 1 minute) When Forensic reports are first opened there is a set time interval back from now if the reporting period has not been pre selected. (The default is 10 minutes) The flow records sent can include a Type of service field. In networking terms there are two ways to read this bit field for left to right or right to left. The ability to set which definition to use COS or DSCP is provided.

A special element to the anuview platform is the capability to define exactly what you want to report on other than the reports out of the box.

To make it easier to define an ability toclone one of the reports closest to the report required is available Once named it is free to be edited to add or remove the fields required.