Release Notes - Observer GigaFlow

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New Features

  • Added Netscalar flow decoder
  • Added PDF formatting options to Configuration-Reporting for page and font size.
  • Added breadcrumbs to top of summary pages
  • Added appname to selectable syslog filters for parsing
  • GFLO-238 adding script escaper
  • GFLO-238 adding hosts and X-FRAME-OPTIONS config to settings, global
  • Updated Site Summary pages
  • Updated Interface Summary pages
  • Updated Devices Summary pages

Fixed Issues

  • Adding filter display to top of forensics reports
  • Fixed geoip add options cased caused by new input parser
  • Fixed subscribe whitelist button caused by new input parser
  • Fixed issue with "All sites" time selector
  • Fixed sflow dot1q issue caused by new input parser
  • Fixed ssl issue caused by new input parser

Performance/Logic Changes

  • Changing logic for seen users to sto binding user to remote ip
  • Changed user lookup so it doesn't reset the seentime for something it just set
  • Changed toggle actions on left hand menu choice selection to collapse or close where appropriate
  • Updated lldp page to be more clear on options and existing managed devices
  • Allowed ability to add snmpv3 without passwords
  • Updating jetty and adding "samesite" and "samesitesecure" params
  • Changed "Top N" pies to compare to previous weeks value.


  • Changed "Traffic Group" name to "Sites"