Release Notes - Observer GigaFlow

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New Features

  • Added sticky entries list count to pages where there are 50 or fewer as default.
  • Added DNS backup name resolution for infrastructure devices.
  • Changed the license engine to email and warn on screen rather than disable devices.
  • Phase 1 of Interface Utilization alerting
  • Phase 1 of Capacity Planning
  • Added interfaces link to top of devices page.
  • Added sites link to capacity interface page.
  • Adding interface apps to capacity overview page.

Performance Changes

  • Removed graph click event from capacity reports.
  • Adding check to only monitor interface stats from flow devices with less than 100 interfaces.
  • Rewrite of interface discovery code.
  • Changing liveint to poll every 10 mins.

Fixed Issues

  • GFLO-240 Time Selector on GigaFlow allow keyboard input to reduce the time to select a custom time frame
  • Fixed issue with timezone on cluster search.
  • Added retry to db startup for when postgres is in recovery mode, will retry every 5 seconds for db connection.
  • Fixed subscribe whitelist button.