Release Notes - Observer GigaFlow

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New Features

  • Parsing system environment variables
  • New Cluster IP viewer bypassing pitcher page
  • Added 10 second event script trigger
  • Decoding reverse IPFIX byte and packet counts
  • IPFIX options processing for application tags
  • Vertica DB support
  • Added support for sflow v11 header ipv4 records
  • Added Prometheus stats output

Performance Changes

  • Allowing for 0 rollups
  • Working on sanitizing data outside of 1 hour hold or > 90seconds in duration

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with removing user caused by excaped backslash
  • Fixed issue with fwevent and fwcode cause by param sanitization
  • Fixed jittery loading icon
  • Changed capacity reports to include = firstseen rather than just >
  • Fixed bug with csv interfaces
  • Fixed issue with at symbol not rendering correctly on ip viewer when searching for ip
  • Fortinet decoding of appid