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Download package from here

Should be unzipped to the c: drive leaving you with a c:\winflowv2\ folder

Browse to this folder right click on the "installWinflow.bat" file and select "Run as administrator".

This will install the server and automatically start it.

Next, open a web browser and browse to (if on the local machine). Username and password are both 'admin' You will now be presented the UI fro winflow V2. At the top of the screen, you can see what

1) IP address the software is listening to (for traffic to report on),

2) Receiver IP address for the device you are going to export the traffic information too.

3) The port the the receiving server is listening to for exports. If you change these settings, press the save button to have them applied. A service restart should not be required.

The rest of the page shows you How many entries are in the different caches on the device, you can click on these to see a table of the current entries. Charts showing the flow, byte, packet, tcp processes and udp processes for a 5 minute window List of interfaces seen when the service was started.

The configuration for winflowv2 is held in the winflowsettings.json file (located in the winflowv2 folder)