Cisco Flexible NetFlow Setup

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 flow exporter anuview
 description Exports to anuview
 destination  (change to anuwiew destination)
 source loopback0
 template data timeout 60
 transport udp 2055

Configure the NetFlow Flow Monitor

A flow monitor creates a NetFlow cache that the device will use for collecting flow data. The flow monitor also ties together the NetFlow record and the flow exporter.

 configure terminal
 flow monitor netflow-original
 description export_to_anuview
 record netflow-original
 cache timeout active 60
 exporter anuview

Applying a Flow Monitor to an Interface

The final step is to apply flow monitor to the L3 interfaces that you need to monitor. Repeat this step as necessary

 configure terminal
 interface ethernet 0/0
 ip flow monitor netflow-original input