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Various system health metrics can be requested from the system using the following query{"type":"v2","sources":[{"group":"systemStats","label":"MB","request":{"report":"totalPhysicalMemorySize"}}]}

Swapping the "totalPhysicalMemorySize" for any of the following

totalPhysicalMemorySize	Total Physical Memory Size
freePhysicalMemorySize	Free Physical Memory Size 
totalUsedMemorySize	Total Used Memory Size 
committedVirtualMemorySize	Committed Virtual Memory Size 
flowsPerSecond	Flows Per Second 
processCpuLoad	Process CPU Load 
systemCpuLoad	System CPU Load 
freeDiskSpace	Free Disk Space 
dnsCacheSize	DNS Cache Size 
allUsersSize	All Users Size 
usersToIPSize	Users To IP Size 
fwEventCodesSize	Fw Event Codes Size 
getFwExitCodesSize	Fw Ext Codes Size 
getDedupesSize	Deduplication Size 
freeSwapSpaceSize	Free Swap Space Size 
totalSwapSpaceSize	Total Swap Space Size