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New Features

  • Added support for Meraki. Meraki does not support the sysuptime object.
  • Added demultiplexer for syslog messages' this allows syslog parsing to be spread across multiple CPUs for TCP syslog.
  • Added the ability to disable netflow events under the Alerts page.
  • Added TCA messages to events system for graphing and filtering.
  • Added syslogsender for zmq.
  • Added device disable feature if device or flow count breached.
  • Added sparkline to show flow rate over the rolling hour.
  • Added GigaFlow/Observer single setup script.
  • Added stats for syslog TCP receivers.

Performance Changes

  • Changed performance charts to filter for top-n recent; this will reduce the time to render on servers that have many devices and/or interfaces.
  • Changed order of performance graphs; now interfaces launch after devices.
  • Improved zmq memory usage by approximately 15%.
  • Changed drop handling for syslog messages; rather than drop the buffer, it no longer admits to it.
  • Changed ips cleanup to happen centrally every 1 minute; this was happening ad-hoc on a per device basis.
  • Changed Kafka; it no longer waits for acks from remote server.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with SNMP Version 3 not allowing empty priv password.