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New Features

  • Added ignored count to receivers for flows with no decoding templates.
  • Added support for fw event for aws type 101.
  • Added randomizer of ip port pairs in stress tester.
  • (GFLO-208) Added API to query GigaFlow health.
  • (GFLO-14) Added increased the list of available limit options to tabular reports.
  • (GFLO-33) Added CSV output to Infrastructure Devices page.
  • Added device to netflow TCA messages to identify actual source of messages.
  • Added healthjson output to prepos folder.

Performance Changes

  • Changed archiving to only move hourly files and not combine them.
  • Changed netflow TCA to expose target in table.
  • Changed performance page to do hour-to-last-week-hour match instead of entire week.
  • Stopped vacuum on searchips.
  • Changed stringbuilder to reuse buffer, improve store performance by approx. 25%.
  • Increased hashmap size for server discovery. Removed traffic group synchronized list.
  • Store only drops oversized incoming packets, not buffer.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed flowcount to include duplicates.
  • Fixed bug with netflow v10 not looking at 2 byte flags.
  • (GFLO-221) Issue with winpcap 10 not returning correct subnet mask.