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Windows Release [1]
Linux Release [2]

New Features

  • NAT
Ability to ingest netflow nat records with automatic creation of SessionID fields to identify related records
Ability to specify NAT'd fields in syslog records (IP/Port/SessionID)
Ability to report and filter on SessionID in forensics reports.
Added NAT flag and column in Infrastructure Devices page to identify sources of nat traffic
  • Ability to specify group name attribute in LDAP Queries
  • GFLO-321 VPC Flow scripts available in resources/docs/eventscripts/aws folder
Support for disk based scripts (in resources/prepos/eventscripts/)
Support for UI to report on disk based script performance
Support for UI based script vairables
  • GFLO-339 Reversed direction of GigaFlow loading screen so newest entries are at top of page. Log is also maintained on the System Status page

Performance Changes

  • NONE

Fixed Issues

  • GFLO-374 Issue with Gaps in data when transfering data to apex
  • GFLO-364 Timebounding DNS lookup timeout to reduce wait time on non responsive servers
  • Issue with IP Viewer not displaying when client isn't connected to the internet