Backup and Restore a GigaFlow Configuration

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The following commands will create a db dump of the flowsec configuration. The only thing you should be prompted for is the 'myipfix' password. This will then create the file flowsecdump.sql in your current folder.

pg_dump --host --username=myipfix --exclude-table="macaddressvendors" --exclude-table="userevent*"  --exclude-table="systemhealt*" --exclude-table="savedreportdata" --exclude-table="netflow*"  --exclude-table="arp*"  --exclude-table="cam*"  --exclude-table="searchip*"  --exclude-table="all*" --exclude-table="events*" --exclude-table="all*"  --exclude-table="profilingstats*" --exclude-table="summary*" --dbname=myipfix --clean --create --file=flowsecdump.sql

When restoring (this will drop the existing database on the server!!), stop the flowsec service, upload flowsecdump.sql file to the new machine and execute the following (supply the 'myipfix' password when prompted)

psql --host --username=myipfix < ./flowsecdump.sql
psql --host --username=myipfix -c "delete from serverparams where key in('serverid','installtime','license')"

Now restart flowsec.