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Problem Description: Gigaflow and Response services not starting due to inconsistent state for postgres service.

Symptoms: Windows service manager indicates that the postgres service is “stopped” but task manager shows one or more instances of postgres.exe is running. Gigaflow and Response services fail to start.

Root Cause: This problem can occur when the postgres service takes longer than expected to report a healthy status to the windows service manager. As a result, Windows service manager (incorrectly) assumes that the service has failed to start properly. Because postgres has been configured as a dependency for Gigaflow and Response services, neither will start unless Windows is reporting that Postgres has started properly. Delayed start-up is most commonly seen if database has not been shutdown gracefully and enters “recovery mode” upon subsequent start-up. However, delayed start may occur for other reasons.

Resolution: Check recent output in postgres data\logs folder to confirm postgres is running in a healthy state (i.e. that recovery mode has completed successfully). Using Task Manager, check that there are postgres.exe processes running in the Details tab. Manually stop the postgres service from an admin command prompt by using “pg_ctl.exe”, then restart the windows service for postgres. Finally, start “Response” and “Gigaflow” services.

To manually stop postgres (without service manager), from an administrator command prompt (changing loactions as appropriate)

"D:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\bin\pg_ctl.exe" stop -D "D:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\data"