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New Features

  • Added calculation of forensics table count to storage page and warning.
  • Added extra decoder to batch inserter and rosutils for bigdecimal.
  • Added flowsecseeniphistoric function to query searchip.
  • Added server discovery access when zeromq is enabled.
  • Added support for ASA 40001 and ASA 40002 NAT translates.
  • Adding fix for missing fields in template.
  • Adding packet for reverse bidirectional flow record.
  • Adding srcas dstas and fpr to syslog parser.
  • Adding srcas dstas to reverse record.
  • Adding subnets list to Device Infrastructure tabs.
  • Adding user to events list.
  • Added DNS resolution to Summary Reports.
  • (GFLO-195) Added GigaStor application names.
  • Added ability to call scripts from resource web pages.
  • Added support for TCA messages.

Performance Changes

  • Adjusted summary builder on Dashboards to be less reliant on disk I/O using CTE.
  • Moving to 202 Java Runtime Environment.
  • Changed dscp to be generated at ingest.
  • Updating PostgreSQL installer to 11.8.1.
  • Changed traffic group to use binary search (75 times faster).
  • Working to speed up load times.
  • Forcing roll-ups of forensics to only happen at midnight, according to the local server timezone.
  • Adding startup debugging.
  • Added Javascript Runtime Environment memory to log output on startup.
  • Added extra stats to the Device Statistics page.

Fixed Issues

  • Changed postgres events id field to be bigint.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect retainment of old ARP and CAM tables.
  • Fixed bug with SNMP Version 1 being used instead of SNMP Version 2.
  • Fixed bug where zeromq location cannot be changed.
  • Fixed bug with events where failure happens as a result of extra 'geoip resolution.
  • Fixed bug with ifindex on sflow.
  • Fixed issue with zmq not flushing disk.
  • Fixed null error on allmaclocations.
  • (GFLO-196) Ignore missing settings from Viavi PTC.
  • (GFLO-198) Invalid date showing.
  • (GFLO-202) Fixed spelling mistake on ip viewer.
  • Removing legacy loop for flowsec file deletion.