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The ability to add New devices to the anuview flow system is for the ability to build a view of IP to MAC by pulling the ARP table from infrastructure which may be providing layer 3 routing and not capable of sending flow. An example maybe a 3560 Cisco Switch acting as the core routing in a site LAN and then a 2800 Cisco router in that site sending flow but not acting as a router to the internal LAN. anuview wants to provide the facility of inserting the mac if available into the received flow record from the 2800.

You can use the "New Bulk Device" textarea at the bottom of the Settings->Devices page to load in more than 1 device at a time.

Here you can enter a new device per line by having just its IP address or by also including its community string in the format of ip,community E.g.,community1,community2,community1