Ports Required For Normal Operation

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The following ports must be available for normal operation:

Direction Port(s) Use
Inbound TCP/7902 HTTP Access
Inbound TCP/8902 HTTPS Access
Inbound UDP/2055,6343,9995 Allows flows to be received for reporting.
Inbound UDP/53 DNS Lookups
Inbound UDP/514 Syslog Reception
Inbound UDP/161,162 SNMP Access
Inbound TCP/5555,54322 ZeroMQ
TCP Established Replies From Inbound Requests
Outbound UDP/161 SNMP Access
Outbound UDP/53 DNS Access
Outbound tcp/25,465,587 SMTP Access
Outbound UDP/514 Syslog
Outbound (Optional) TCP 389/636 LDAP

Equivalent Linux firewall rules can be found Firewall Management in Linux.