Query Meta Data

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Table Query

select (cast(meta::json->>'netscalerSmoothedRoundTripTime' as int))::bigint as avalue, count(*) as acount from netflow WHERECLAUSE group by avalue ORDERBY LIMITROW

Graph Query

select FIRSTSEEN as afirstseen,appid ,avg(cast(meta::json->>'netscalerSmoothedRoundTripTime' as int))::int as aavg from netflow 
WHERECLAUSE  and (meta::json->>'netscalerSmoothedRoundTripTime' )is not null group by afirstseen,appid order by appid,afirstseen

As the name of the met field extracted you can use

svalue returns Value
scount returns Count
acount returns Count
avalue returns Value
aavg returns Average
atotal returns Total
amin returns Min
apct returns %
amax returns Max