Release Notes - Observer GigaFlow

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New Features

  • Added summary FPR graphs for server and port overviews
  • Added support for cpackets reverse bytes packets, fields 23 and 24 in 0 pen (bidirectional reports)
  • Adding support for cubro network probe
  • Added DB drops to the health page
  • Added DB drops to the infrastructure devices page
  • Upgraded to jquery3.5

Performance Changes

  • Adding scalability changes for device specific reporting
  • Removed Kafka acks
  • Changed default compression to filtered, significant cpu reduction for 3pct loss in compression, can be changes under system global settings
  • Adding ability to set the send buffer size for Kafka per producer
  • Setting PTC expire duration to 60 seconds as requested by Viav-CE

Fixed Issues

  • Fixing issue with old prepared tables not saving after a period
  • Fixed issue with ipv6 flags showing undefined in threat map
  • Fixed nsel bug with endtime not being reset, also made messages debug level
  • Fixing bad searchvalue from ipviewer on l3 arp device
  • Fixing stray integrations tab on settings-global screen
  • Fixed bug with mac search
  • Fixed sql reports edit modal to use more screen
  • Removing check for enablement of dscp summaries as they are now always enabled
  • Fixing bug whereby you can list locks from postgres 11 and 12