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About GigaFlow

GigaFlow is Viavi's Netflow collection and monitoring platform. GigaFlow helps you regain control of your IT network, giving you network-based security and application assurance.

From a performance perspective, GigaFlow allows you to:

  • Troubleshoot your network using First Packet Response, GigaFlow's network response time tool.
  • Audit network applications and infrastucture devices.
  • Ensure that application performance is in line with Service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Easily monitor network traffic and understand utilization by user and application, i.e. determine where your network traffic is going and who, or what, is using up bandwidth on expensive links.
  • Report and filter every session by multiple parameters.
  • Integrate with multiple-session reporting technologies.

From a security perspective, GigaFlow allows you to:

  • Monitor URLs and network connections.
  • Prevent connections to known bad IP addresses.
  • Allow known IP addresses.
  • Prevent visibility blindspots.
  • View logged-in users.
  • Ensure that users do not access files or servers outside of set permission levels.
  • View connected USB devices.
  • Monitor network traffic for unusual patterns using flow profiles that you define, with alerts when exceptions occur, e.g. if a user logs into a machine they have never used before or if traffic is recorded from a never-before-seen machine.
  • Identify points of incursion or exfiltration on your network.
  • Identify the end users or devices associated with an event.

GigaFlow's benefits include:

  • Complete stitched IT forensic evidence.
  • No additional network hardware; device management is non-intrusive.
  • Threat identification is "always-on".

GigaFlow Architecture

GigaFlow's core components are:

GigaFlow supports NSEL, sFlow v5, jFlow, IPFIX, Netflow v5 and Netflow v9.