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Documentation > Reference Manual for GigaFlow > Reports > SQL Reports

SQL Reports

Located at Reports > SQL Report.

Select how many of the most recent SQL Queries to view from the drop-down menu, i.e. the most recent 10, 50, 100 or All.

The table lists the following information:

  • Query ID.
  • Date created.
  • User that created the query.
  • Name of the query.
  • What the query was.

Working with SQL Queries

  • To run the report with a HTML output, click HTML.
  • To run the report with a .csv output, click CSV.
  • Click Edit pencil icon. to modify the report.
  • Click Remove Remove icon. to remove the report.

Adding a SQL Query

  • To add a SQL report, enter a name and then Save Save icon..
  • The new report will appear in the SQL Report Filters Table.
  • Click Edit pencil icon. to open and modify the report.