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Documentation and Help

Most items in GigaFlow will have a white information button on a gray background at the top right. Click this to link out to the relevant section in the GigaFlow Reference Manual.

Refresh Button

You can refresh any page in GigaFlow using the browser refresh button.

Timeline Graphs

By clicking, holding and dragging left or right, you can create a report for any shorter time period.

Figure: Click and drag to create a report for a particular timeframe within a timeline

GigaFlow timeline graph.

The user selects a shorter time period of interest by clicking and dragging, in this case from just before 11:00 to just before 11:15.

Figure: Re-scaled timeline

GigaFlow timeline scaling.

The timeline is re-drawn for the selected time period. All associated information on this page is recalculated, i.e. tables and graphs.


Throughout GigaFlow, all hyperlinks are colored blue.