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Documentation > Reference Manual for GigaFlow > Configuration > GEOIP


Located at Configuration > GEOIP.

You can change the geolocation and IP settings here.

To add new GEOIP overrides:

  • Enter comma-separated parameters as follows:
"Start IP,End IP,Country ISO Code,Region Name,Latitude,Longitude"
"IP/MaskBits,Country ISO Code,Region Name,Latitude,Longitude.
  • Click Add GEO to IPs.

A table of existing GEOIP overrides is shown in the table below this.

You can select the number of items to show from the dropdown menu above the table; the default is 50 items.

Information displayed includes:

  • Start IP.
  • End IP.
  • Country ISO code.
  • Region name.
  • Latitude.
  • Longitude.
  • List of actions you can perform, i.e. modify or delete entries.

You can also search by entering a country code or clicking on the map below the table.