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Documentation > Reference Manual for GigaFlow > Dashboards > Server Overview

Server Overview

Located at Dashboards > Server Overview.

Figure: Detail of the left main menu and Dashboards submenu.

This default welcome screen shows summary server flow information with three main sections:

Summary Devices

This is a summary of traffic across all of your infrastructure devices ranked by the busiest network device. Infrastructure devices are routers sending flow as well as other Layer-2 devices that are not sending flow but sending ARP and CAM Tables. The information displayed includes:

  • Avg Bits/s: average traffic per second.
  • Max: this is maximum traffic volume seen in the data set.
  • Percentage: this is the proportion of all traffic seen by particular system/router.

The bars on the graph indicate the volume of data seen over the reporting period, by default 2 hours.

Summary Interfaces

This is a graph and table of interface bit rates, with a breakdown by individual interface. This is a summary of the busiest interfaces across your network.

See Configuration > Infrastructure Devices for setup instructions.

When more than 10 devices are registered, the full list can be displayed by clicking List All Drill down icon. beside the table title.

The CSV link at the top right of the table generates a .csv export.


This middle graph shows all events and alerts across your network during the reporting period.

Reporting Period

Figure: Detail of GigaFlow's report period selection panel, at the top of most pagesReport period.

  • The reporting period is shown at the top right of the main body of the page. This is 2 hours by default.
  • On login, the system displays information for the default time period.
  • This default time period can be set in Configuration > Reporting in the main menu.
  • Different reporting periods can be selected by clicking the from and to boxes.

Figure: Clicking in either the From or To field brings up a date and time selector.

Date picker.

Device and Interface Overview

Click once on any infrastructure device IP address or interface in the tables and you will be taken to an overview report for that device or interface. You can access the same overview using GigaFlow's search function. Search for the IP address and in the main left-hand side table, click the Infrastructure Device name. In the right-hand side table, click Overview.

See Dashboards > Device Overview and Dashboards > Interface Overview.