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Graphical Flow Mapping

GigaFlow Search provides access to the Graphical Flow Mapping feature. Searching for any IP address returns summary tables as well as a visualisation of flows during the reporting period selected.

To access this feature, search for an IP address. See Searching by IP Address above.

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see the Graphical Flow Map.

Figure: GigaFlow's Graphical Flow Map

GigaFlow search graphical flow mapping.

The Graphical Flow Map is an interactive visualisation of the flows associated with that IP address. The branches of the Graphical Flow Map can be expanded to show associated interfaces and destination and source devices. These in turn can be explored.

To explore the Graphical Flow Map:

  • Click on any icon to show more information.
  • Click on the Destination Apps icon or the Source Apps icon for a breakdown of the applications. You can click on these to expand the tree.
  • Click + to see more devices in a tree of many branches.
  • The size of the line linking any two devices is proportional to the traffic volume between them.
  • Click on any line in the Treeview table to filter only inbound or only outbound traffic. This will open a report showing traffic for the past two hours.

See also Profiling > Events > Flow Details